Kids and Teeth {and a chance to win $100!}

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Kid teeth to be specific.

When you have kids, one of the many, many things that no one ever teaches you about yet you are expected to know how to care for, understand the process of and be successful at ushering into adulthood-style teeth, is teeth!

I got lucky with my first son. I was a normal, overly excited and zealous first time mom.  We started brushing his teeth from the moment one tiny corner popped through his gums and we never stopped.  We were diligent and he was a routine based kid who reminded us when it was time to do anything... brushing teeth was no exception.  He sailed right into well-established adult teeth with no problem.  All with sheer luck, though at the time we just chalked it up to being excellent first time parents. ;)

Then came our next child, whose teeth and habits could not be more different than his brother. I think we half-heartedly started brushing his teeth, at some point. It's not that we didn't try, but based on his brother we thought it just came easily. We brushed and flossed and fluoridated.  We bought the regular kids toothpaste and did our due diligence.  The outcome was very different. 

What I wish we knew was how to care for his teeth beyond the normal toothpaste. We had never heard about which foods led to enamel erosion and that kids like my son were more prone to wear than others, because of his already soft enamel. Over time and hard lessons we learned things we hadn't known, like just how bad for your mouth sports drinks, crunchy foods and those little mandarin oranges my son loved so much were.  Since we learned the hard way, I've been on a mission to share our knowledge with other parents before they have to learn the hard way, too! It doesn't have to be overwhelming or hopeless! With a little info and the right products you can set yourself up for success better than we did.
We've learned a lot and hopefully gotten on the right track.  We have a great pediatric dentist and we really pay attention to what is being eaten on a regular basis AND we are very picky when it comes to toothpaste.  We will only (now) buy toothpaste that helps protect enamel from cavities and everyday acids; that offers tooth protection into the future and gets the okay from our dentist.  We pay attention to what we use, wanting to make the best possible choice, and ProNamel® 6-12 Years Toothpaste for Kids is an easy choice you can make. It is the #1 dentist recommended brand for strengthening and protecting enamel.   
As a parent you want to know that you are making the best possible choices and using the best possible products for your kids.  You want to be encouraged by other parents who have been there and done that. Research, read and study.  Ask questions and get ahead of the game.  You can do it and now here's one chip in your corner. :)
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