how to be successful in small {handmade} business! part two.

Ok, so yesterday we started at the very beginning.  As you can probably tell, this is not your normal "how to" kind of story.  You won't be able to follow my formula for your own path BUT I hope it encourages you to move forward when things seem crazy, or at the very least glean a little information that can help you.  I do believe that many aspects of how I "do business" can help a lot of people!  So...

Here's Part One.

Part one left me pregnant, newly married and about to quit a good job, with good income (that, at the time represented about 2/3 of my family income) and benefits all because I was about to have a baby.  In the midst of this quitting, someone actually said to me "So you think that ONLY you can take the best care of this baby or something?".  Uhhhh, exactly. 

I should also say that during the entirety of my pregnancy, I was very upfront with my boss.  She knew I would not return from maternity leave, even though I would not technically quit until I had used up all of my vacation, sick days and maternity leave.  I spent my pregnancy at work getting all of my files in order and preparing my clients to be handed off to another social worker. 

So, time passes.  Moses came.  I had about six weeks of paid time off saved up and I waited until the end of that time to call my boss and officially tell her that I wasn't coming back, which was no surprise to anyone. 

To be honest, we didn't give a whole lot of thought to "how are we going to pay for life".  We just didn't.  We knew that God wanted me to stay at home with my kids.  We had no savings to buffer us.  I had no other viable source of income.  It never entered our minds to apply for any form of government assistance (though we would have well qualified), all we had was affirmation about what God wanted from us and Doug's entry level job at Target.  We knew a promotion was in the works but we had no time frame for when that could occur. 

We were just crazy.  At least that's what a lot of people said and thought.  But we never felt crazy.  Or poor for that matter. 

So again.  Here I am.  I just called my boss to give her the official "goodbye".  I'm driving down the road in my crappy little mazda protege with my new baby strapped in the back seat and I get a phone call from a number I don't recognize.  The fact that I answered it is a miracle in itself.  I don't answer my phone very well, especially if it's not a number in my contacts.  But I did.  On the phone is a person I don't know at all but knows someone who knows someone who knows me who knows that I just had a baby and quit a good job. Ok.

And guess what happens?  This stranger is calling me, on the recommendation of a friend, to offer me a job being a nanny to her two children.  "And by the way, bring your baby to work please".

Seriously.  Within hours of doing something CRAZY like quitting a good job (that I went to college for and everything) a stranger calls me from out of the blue and offers me a job.  That actually pays better than the job I just quit.

Sometimes crazy pays off.

Stay tuned for part three! 

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