february lately.

1) Allow me to introduce Newspaper Balloon to you.  She is amazing and darling and her work is just as lovely.  This is one of FOUR family portraits I have gotten from her so far.  I have decided that every friend of mine who has a birthday this year will be getting one of their own.  So far we have a superhero, hobby, beach and starwars version.  Love them all. 
2) This kid casually mentions winning an award at school as student of the week for perseverance.  We asked him about it and he says "I'm very excited about it" with about as much enthusiasm as Napoleon Dynamite.  
3) I had to, right?
4) I've finished another quilt! Yay!  Photos to come.
5) Bunny hohos for Easter anyone?  You can follow me on Instagram (littlebitfunky) to snag one.
6) Re-growing green onions.  You can get away with this a couple times. 
7) Any day that is warm enough for this is used to it's full advantage.  Cape and all.
8) Another quilt started.
9) If homeschool equaled Kumon books I would be awesome at it.
10) Cute kid.
11)  Naughty kid.  Shoved that little ball as far in his ear as he could.  Thankfully the doctor got it out in one try. 
12) Love cookies.
13) Moses illustrating my point. " If you don't play nicely no one will want to play with you."
14) I have not been behind in laundry since September.  The magic trick is one complete load a day. 
15) My first spoonflower order.
16) Doug's grandparents celebrated 71 years of marriage on the 14th of February.  Amazing, right?
 17) Batman and the Joker by Moses.
18) Treats for all the teachers. The bus driver.  The coworkers.  The mail man and anyone else who gets in my way. 

How has YOUR February been?

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