what i made for Monday - seven layer bars

So since we have moved, I have continued my "What I Made for Monday" treat tradition with Doug's new crowd of employees.  They love them are a very grateful and sweet group to bake for!  Even though I now bake for Wednesdays, I'll stick with "What I Made for Monday" as the title of the series.  Today I sent in Seven Layer bars.  I used this recipe from Mr.Food.  It's simple, easy and has amazing results!
Melt one stick of butter and pour it into the bottom of an 8 by 8in pan.
Spread one cup of crushed graham crackers on top of the butter....
On top of that, add a cup of coconut.  And yes, the number of portions I send to work with Doug have reached cafeteria lady proportions. :)
On top of that add a cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips. 
On top of that a cup of peanut butter chips.
On top of that pour one can of sweetened condensed milk.
On top of the milk add one cup of chopped walnuts.

Bake for 30 minutes at 350 or until it begins to brown around the edges.  Let it cool completely before you cut them into squares.  I put them in the fridge for a while. 

one stick of butter melted
one cup of graham cracker crumbs
one cup of coconut
one cup of semi-sweet chocolate chips
one cup of peanut butter chips
one can of sweetened condensed milk
one cup of chopped walnuts

Bake for 30 minutes at 350.

Enjoy! They are so very good!


Cristi B. said...

I made these for my treat tins this last Christmas but with butterscotch chips instead of PB ones. So GOOD! My new husbands favorite baked good growing up.

Suzanne said...

oh my goodness... I think my blood sugar shot up just reading that. I must make these!

Lorraine Vitek said...

I have a question: do you have any suggestions for making it without the walnuts? Could I just completely take out the walnuts, or should I substitute something in? (It's a great recipe by the way.)

Jessica said...

I make these quite a bit and we call them hello dolly cookies. I use all types of chip combinations also. Love these cookie bars

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