mailing eggs.

For the boys sake, I pulled out some Easter decorations.  Not much, but enough to make them happy.
Aaron has been asking for "Easter egg hunting" for weeks now, both boys were delighted to see the little chicks and Easter grass and played for hours with the empty Easter eggs from last year. 
 Even our resident Wookie likes Easter decorating.
Do you love this cake carrier or what?  My husband is good to me.  Get your hubby to get you one from World Market.  It's made of tin, vintagey and the best shade of aqua.  
I've been in a serious creative funk lately.  Total blah. 
To conquer the road blocks I usually clean house and do things for others.  Works every time.
So I spent the majority of my afternoon writing to pen pals...
(yes!!! I have a few penpals...wanna be one?)
and filling and addressing Easter eggs to put in the mail. :)
I got the idea from Giverslog and since seeing it there, have been dying to try it AND keeping my eye out on other fun things to mail!
I can't wait to see the look on my mail lady's face when I hand her these! :) 

I used the larger Easter eggs...not the small ones.  Each one weighed about 2oz and required &1.95 in postage. I mailed them to kids and adults alike and will be looking forward to hearing about them arriving at their destinations. :)You can do this with almost anything that is 13oz or less!

How are you?  Doing well?  Say hello and tell me what YOU would like to get in the mail that is 13oz or less?


Blanca said...

That is so great! How fun to have pen pals. I'd love to be a pen pal. :)

I'd love to try mailing the bubble wrap hopscotch. My kids would love that.

Your Easter decorations are adorable by the way. :)

Laura said...

oh my gosh, do you ever stop with the amazing ideas? and for the record, i have a few penpals too (which i nerdily cover envelopes with stickers when i send them stuff)- it's the most fun ever!

you rock lady!

April b said...

What a fun surprise your friends will find when they open their mail box. My boys loved finding the hidden eggs on Easter morning and would hide them for each other for most of the rest of the day. As they got older they would arrange egg hunts for the younger kids in the neighborhood. Now they are sadly too old for egg hunts but maybe in the next few (several) years they will give me grand children I can hide them for. I still put together baskets for them - that is fun for me and I think they still appreciate it.

April b said...

Your spoon handles make a great page banner.

hannah singer said...

i love sending fun things in the mail, never thought of eggs though! AWESOME!


jonahbonah said...

I've been wanting to mail my nephew a ball...I think I might do that this week. You've inspired me. Again.

mwc liz said...

My friends and I take turns sending boxes full of random fun to each other. There are half a dozen of us that live in seperate areas now and when someone sends you something you are 'tagged' and have to send something to another person. A lot of the time its a letter or silly card or sheet of stickers but once in a while we fill those flat rate boxes with goodies and mail them off. =)

JayBee said...

I'm going to do this for my nieces! What an awesome gift to get!
Thanks for the idea

Victoria said...

All you have to do is put a label and postage on the eggs and they are good to go? How cool! I had no idea! My nephews and nieces would love to get these in the mail!

Amy M. said...

What a great idea!!! I had no clue you could mail something like that!!

I'd be your pen pal!

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