caramel apple dip--almost healthy.

Want the EASIEST most satisfying recipe ever?
One block of cream cheese (softened to room temp).
3/4 of a tub of caramel apple dip

Blend together.  Eat with tart green apples.
AMAZING.  Aaaaaamazing.  Do it and do it right now. 
It even makes a great gift...I piled some in a small jar, topped with some of the extra caramel and sprinkled some crushed heath bar on top of that.  Packaged with an apple it made a cute little birthday gift for one teacher and a "just because" gift for another. 

And you eat it with apples, that practically makes it a health food. :)



{northern cottage} said...

mmm recipe sounds delightful - the heath bar idea threw me over the top! darling gift idea....pinned pinned pinned! :)

Melissa said...

Did you use your caramel dip or something else?

Robin and Kyle said...

We did something similar for dessert tonight and the kids licked their plates. If you don't have any caramel dip, try mixing 1/2 cup brown sugar and 1 Tbl vanilla in to the cream cheese. Delicious!

Kim said...

Yum!! Such a great idea!

Tracy said...

I made this for bunco last night and it was soooo yummy! Everyone loved it. I had apples out with it, but a lot of people were eating with the pretzels too. That whole salty/sweet thing :)

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