so far.

 two brothers.
58 hours. 
6 baths. 
two times running the steam cleaner before 8am. 
12 loads of laundry. 
6 or so outfit changes per child per day. 
2-3 per adult.
three kinds of saltines. 
ten hours of sleep per adult for the last two nights.
10 different kinds of clear liquids.
30 hours or more of children's programming. 
two rugs hosed off out in the yard.
one terrible diaper rash.
and one thankful mama.
and I am not thankful because it's over, because we aren't sure it is...though once it IS over (which we are ever so gently hoping it IS) I will be thankful. 

I am currently thankful that this is the worst we have ever had it.  That in a few short days our lives will be (God willing) back to normal.  That in a couple of days my boys will be back to their normal, wild and crazy boy selves.  That in his almost four years on this Earth we have only had to take Moses to a non-well baby visit three times.  Aaron has never gone. 
I am thankful that we could get in the car and just buy whatever it was we needed or thought we needed to help our boys get better.  I am thankful that we didn't have to think twice to buy everything we thought they could/would eat to help them get back to normal.  I am thankful that they are normally super healthy and happy boys.  I will take our last 58 hours over some of the things that other parents have to deal with on a daily and sometimes forever basis.  

This whole time they have been sick, I have had such peace and knowledge of God's presence.  Not saying that it was easy(because it hasn't been)...but it was definitely God that has helped me to clean these messes...messes that otherwise would have normally been impossible for me to clean.  I could almost hear God saying "One minute at a time...this too shall pass". 
God has been gently reminding me how good I have it with these two boys...these two, strong, fast growing boys who rarely fall out of the high percentiles for height and weight.  

These last couple of days God has gently nudged me and brought to mind people to pray for...who have kids who are always sick...who are fighting more difficult things than a stomach bug...who have kids who never came home. 

I am thankful for this stomach bug.  
And even though I am totally drained beyond drained...I am thankful that at least this was Doug's weekend off.  And even though I am weary at the thought of starting up this next cycle of work at below zero physically, mentally and spiritually...I will take these problems and give thanks for them. 

One moment at a time.

I am also thankful for clorox wipes, my steam cleaner, a working washing machine and a temporary gut of steel.

So if you are waiting to hear from me...or you just think of me...please be praying for us to be on the all sorts of ways and on all levels. 



Heather @ Life Made Lovely said...

wonderful perspective! so glad you could hear Him through all the chaos that accompanies sick little ones, especially that kind of sick. take care!

mommyholly said...

Ooooh sick kids = no fun. I hope you all are back to 100% very soon!!! And you are right, if a bug like this is the worst thing to happen, count yourself so very blessed. :) xo! -Holly

Tanna said...

Bless you for being thankful for this rough week. It helps all of us to hear your inspiration on being thankful for even the awful things we deal with daily, because it could be so much worse and is for others. Thanks for your words and inspiration.

Rachel said...

Oh my goodness! That's rough seeing your little ones struggling with any type of bug. It just breaks your heart to see them laying still not feeling well when they are normally a blur of energy running round the house.

*hugs* I hope you all get some rest and feel better soon!

monica said...

well i'm sorry they are sick but thanks for your great perspective...i will remember you next time my happy healthy kid is sick cause you're right, it could be much worse. you touched at least one person today!

SarahinSC said...

Oh, so not fun! But, you are so right about being thankful for this "mild" illness and not something chronic or fatal. Hope your cute boys get well soon!

Anonymous said...

That last one is such a sweet shot! Praying for your boys to feel all better and your days to be back to normal.

Jamie :)

ragamuffinbeauties said...

Love your sweet Momma heart...that touched me in a deep place of my heart. I will remember to be thankful the next time Momma duty calls because of YOU! Praying for your littles!

Meyers Family said...

i was just commenting to friends/hubby that i'd take our little summer temporary viruses over what some children have.......makes you appreciate the little things and put it all into perspective.......God is good!!! thanks for this reminder :)

Anonymous said...

Thinking of you and hoping it IS over. I can relate. I am most aware of God's goodness in times like that. I am most thankful for health when loved ones are ill.

Jennifer said...

Hope you are all better soon! Your perspective is great. My daughter has a health condition that causes our "normal" to not be normal. However we still have to always find that same mindset of... some have it so much worse and we are so abundantly blessed.

Love your blog and crafts. You are amazingly talented!

Amy M. said...

Crystal--I think about this all the time. My husband is out of work and we are struggling and things kind of suck right now but I keep telling myself how blessed I am that my family is healthy. That we have food on the table and a roof over our heads and each other. That means a lot!!!

crafting by candlelight

Krystle... said...

I had to share that you have the pretties puke-bucket I've ever seen. Hope the family is back in shape soon.

SZM said...

oh, you poor things! Prayers!

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