I was so excited when the UPS guy came to my house yesterday!
I just KNEW what was in the box!
And it is better than I had hoped for.
A bigger project than I ever thought I would make!
Already washed, dried and crinkle-fied.
I just love it.
Looking at it makes me feel like I have accomplished something big. How nerdy is that?
I hope Moses will love it forever...and maybe even wrap his babies in it one day. :)
So to all of you quilting along...or thinking about it...it is totally worth it.
I am SO glad I have already started my next one!

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Happy day!

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Jessica said...

oh crystal. it's just amazing. i am SO happy for you ... and excited that maybe my quilt will look that good. and your quilter was SO quick!!


A Little Of A Lot said...

Oh, that quilt is amazing.

Happy Find said...


Aurora said...

It looks SO good!!! I love all the fabrics you used, it's just adorable! How could Moses not love it!?

Tammy said...

Absolutely love it - it will be something that your little guy will cherish forever. Thanks for sharing with us!

Holly said...

yummy yummy yum yum! Brilliant!!!!! Great job, sweet friend. Hope Moses adores it always too. I have a feeling he will......xoxoxoxo

Sara said...

I hope I can find time to do this sometime soon!!!

Lindi said...

Crystal, That is adorable...it turned out so very nicely! Because of you and Julie and Dana..I have completed 3 quilt tops in just under 2 weeks...between the 3 of you, the guidance, tutorials and inspiration have led me to find something else that I really, REALLY enjoy doing, that is fulfilling and rewarding and that I can create for others. I hope you had a great birthday and thanks again!!

Polka Dot Moon said...

The quilt is gorgeous!!! Nice job :)

Mary Elizabeth said...

it is beautiful! i am gathering my fabric right now to start mine!!! i need one more fabric!! my friend and i are both making them together. we are being selfish and making ours first and then for our girls - mommies first this time! :)

Elma said...

Love it!!! Love it!! :) You can make my boys two of them:)

Amber said...

It turned out so beautiful. You should be proud of yourself! I'm impressed.

Sandra said...

That is so totally awesome! I love it and hope Moses will too!

The Parrotts said...

Wow, that's the coolest quilt! I LOVE the patterns & colors...and of course, that it's crinkly! You make it look SO easy :)

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