About the HoHo's

What is a Hoho?   

Well, a few years ago now, I was shopping with my littlest son.  He went nuts over some soft minky fabric and I bought a yard because of how much he loved it.  I sat down at my machine and came up with a completely original and unique creation.  The pattern has evolved a bit over time as I have perfected it but overall has remained the same.  Since creating them all those years ago, Hohos have gone to live with big and little children all over the world!  Hohos are just happy little monsters who love who they are!   

Why are they so wonky?

We live in a world that expects perfection and attaches self-worth to that perfection.  And that is an impossible standard to live up to.  The mission of the Hoho is to let kids (big and little) know that YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE PERFECT TO BE LOVEABLE!! 

Each and every Hoho is unique and special, just like their owner.  They are purposefully wonky, a little imperfect and 100% one of a kind, there is not another like your Hoho in the world just like there is not another YOU anywhere in the world!

How can I get one?

There are two ways to get a Hoho.

1) Generally throughout the week I offer them "up for grabs" on the hoho Instagram page {littlebitfunkyhohos}.

2) I have a waiting list.  Generally the waiting list is one month out.  It's long and only tends to get longer.  You can email me at crystal@littlebitfunky.com to get on it!

How much are they?

Regular Hohos{average about 10in or so plus legs} hohos are $20 plus shipping.
Keepsake Hohos {made from a special item of clothing} are $30 plus shipping.
{Any style of hoho can be made into a keepsake for $10}
Tweens {when available--average about 6-12in or so plus legs}are $32 per pair plus shipping.
Bitties {when available--average about 3in or so plus legs}are $24 per pair plus shipping.  

Here's a visual of all I offer:

 {XL: approx 15-17in plus legs, Regular: approx 10in plus legs, 
Tweens 10-12in plus legs & Bitties 3-4in plus legs}

 {NEW - Add a name to any item for $10}
{made to fit your particular electronics item}
 Keepsake hohos are my favorite to make! They are made from 2-3 items that you send me.  They are $30 plus shipping and I return any extra fabrics to you!
Lambs are new! Their price is the same as regular hohos!

What can I request when I order?
I only offer choice of BOY or GIRL in general.  That's it.  I do not take requests for specific fabrics.  I cycle through too many fabrics to know whether or not a certain fabric will still be around when I get to your order.  I can take general theme and color requests.   If you would like a hoho made from certain fabrics you are welcome to buy that fabric, mail it to me and I will return the excess to you.  If you are a returning customer I do try to work with you on on some requests, which does depend on whether or not I have it in stock.

***Please note that hohos do have BUTTON eyes.  They may not be suitable to be left alone with babies or young children.  Please use your best parental judgement and check button often for wear.  A dab of fabric glue can be applied to add longer life to the eye. ***


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