Snowman Dryer Ball Ornaments

How cute are these?! SO cute.  I started with a tutorial I found at Kelle Hampton and then made it my own! You can check out both ways and then do what you want! Kelle's is a bit easier maybe, definitely less steps and glue! Hers is probably more kid friendly too.

Here are the dryer balls I used. 

Here are the noses I used. Yes, 200 in a pack.  Maybe plan to make these with friends?  Also poke around in craft shops, you could find something else that works like buttons or pipe cleaners. 

You'll also need a glue gun and glue, 
paint (black and pink)
needle and thick thread
wool pom poms from Benzie
I accessorized them with holly sprigs I had (from Hobby Lobby) and bows made from ribbon.

Start by putting the sock on your dryer ball like you would a hat. Note where the sock would come together at the crown of the head, like a beanie. 

Now this is where we change from how Kelle made hers...

Then remove it, flip the sock inside out and tie off at the same spot you noted at the crown. Tie it off as tightly as you are able. 

Cut off the excess close to wear you tied off but not too close, about 1/4in should do the trick. 

Coat the cut off knot with hot glue, get all the now loose ends coated. 

Place the hot glues spot back on the crown of the "head" and flip it right side out back onto the snowman. Press the glued spot into the ball and hold for a few seconds. 

Glue on a wool pom pom using a small dab of glue and smushing it into the crown (where the knot is). (Note where I added a hanger too for later)

Once the glue has set, we will glue the edges of the hat in place.  Doing a small area at a time, flip the brim up, add a line of glue, flip back down and continue around the whole dryer ball.  Be sure not to add too much and keep it closer to the crown of the head than the face so the glue doesn't show. 

Using an awl, pre-poke a hole where you want your nose, add a small dab of hot glue and glue the nose in place. 

Starting with the cheeks, paint the face on. For the cheeks, dab your brush in pink paint and wipe most of it off on your pallet (I use a paper plate), Then wipe the brush onto the cheeks like you would blush (at least this is what TV tells me, I have never worn blush in my life). You don't need much. 
Then make the eyes and smile. Dab the handle end of the brush into the paint to make the small circles. 

If you get little painted hairs like you can see above, allow them to dry all the way, then trim with scissors. This way you won't smudge the paint. I basically ran the scissors along the painted parts parallel with the ball and gave them a good "shave" to clean them up a bit. 

Allow them to dry and then using a thick thread like embroidery thread or yarn, add a string hanger.  Try on one first without tying it to make sure you have a good balance and the face will hang properly and not looking too far down or up. 

That's it! Simple, cute and easy! Someone even mentioned dabbing them with peppermint which would be a cute little touch if gifting these. :) 


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