38 Great Christmas Books for Kids! 2020 Version!



Welcome to the 2020 updated list of Christmas books.  When the boys were younger, I tried to match their new book for the year to their ages or interests.  Now that they are 14 and 11, that's a little tricky. Now I just try to find a beautiful classic or a nicely illustrated one instead. This year I was pleasantly surprised to find a pair of Covid 19 themed books which I think are a hilariously perfect way to commemorate a crazy year. Plus I found a beautifully illustrated Jesus story. 

Enjoy the list! 

We don't keep them out year round, they get stored away with our Christmas decorations and I write the year and their name in each one so that ONE DAY, they can be passed down to their kids.

Please pick and choose at your discretion, while I think they are all awesome, every family is different. :) Enjoy! They are each linked below!

1. Merry Christmas Peanut - Adorable pictures featuring a cute little peanut!
2. Dinosaur vs Santa - Cute naughty dino!
3. Richard Scarry The Animals Merry Christmas - A classic!
4. Merry Christmas Squirrels! - Adorable live action photos of squirrels!
5. Llama Llama Holiday Drama - If you love the Llama Llama books!
6. Samurai Santa - Cute ninjas!
7. Merry Christmas Splat - Splat is just cute and fun for kids!
8. Pig the Elf - Adorable pug book!
9. The Christmas Story, The Brick Bible for Kids - For Lego lovers!
10. It's Christmas David - For naughty kids everywhere.
11. A Star for Jesus - Sweet little board book.
12. Christmas in the Manger - Christmas story as a board book.
13. The Crippled Lamp - Old story with a new perspective.  Super sweet book!
14. The Night Before Christmas (Tasha Tudor) - Classic Christmas
15. Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer - Mine is vintage from when I was little. It's from Montgomery Ward!
16. A Pirate's Twelve Days of Christmas - a cute little story!
17. How the Grinch Stole Christmas - A classic, of course!
18. The Berenstain Bears and the Nutcracker - Who doesn't love them?
19. The Snowman - Board book!
20. The Snowman Story Book - With words!
21. The Night Before Christmas Pop Up Book - Super fun!
22. What Star is This? - Sweet little story!
23. Merry Christmas Mom and Dad - A Little Critter Book
24. Baby Jesus - A board book
25. Curious George - Curious About Christmas - A board book
26. Away in a Manger - A board book
27. The Christmas Story - a book for little ones
28. The Velveteen Rabbit - A classic
29. The Story of Christmas - A board book.
30. Corrie's Christmas Memories - By Corrie Tenboom
31. The Story of Christmas - A board book.
32. Weird but True Christmas - Moses loves these books.
33. A Notchmas Carol: An unofficial Minecraft story - for Minecraft fans.
34. Home Alone - Cute illustration of the movie.
35. Walk This World at Christmas - Just a beautifully illustrated Christmas book.

New for this year: 
36. A Corona Virus Christmas - Perfect to commemorate a crazy year. 
37. Social Distance Santa - Another great one to remember the year.
38. Jesus and the Very Big Surprise - Just a sweet story and beautiful illustrations.
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