Rock Painting (How to and what to use!)

We have been painting rocks for a few years now and every time I share a few of ours I get lots of questions, so I figured I'd share our whole process and try to answer the ones that always come up. 

First, where do we get rocks? 

Usually we get them from rivers and streams we visit.  There are a lot of hikes in our area and we are always on the lookout for them. We also look for them wherever we happen to go (where we aren't bothering personal property or landscaping). 

I've also gone to landscaping companies and have been told to help myself to a bucket of hand picked rocks for free! You never know.  I've also seen these places sell them for $5 for a pail, which would be plenty to keep you busy until you get in the habit of finding them day to day. 

Once we have them we wash them off with the hose to get all of the dirt and mud off and allow them to dry in the sun. 

Once they are dry, I spray paint a base of all weather spray paint. I prefer a white base but a black base looks pretty too! It's all about helping the colors you paint on POP instead of being soaked into the rocks. I don't have a brand that I have found to work better for this, they all seem to be about the same so I will get the cheaper ones. 

I usually only paint one side and leave the back natural.

Then we paint! Pinterest is full of great ideas.  I also sometimes peek at hashtags on Instagram for inspiration or google "painted rock ideas". I use the cheap craft paint you get in craft stores. I actually prefer the cheap stuff over the more expensive ones like Martha's. Start with simple designs so you don't get frustrated!

I bought this bin from Micheals to hold all of our supplies in one place.  It makes it easy to bring with us to the beach or outside to work. 

Then we add a hashtag or two.  We have our own personal one and one for a local "rock club".  You can search FB for one in your town or start one yourself! I usually do this with the Micheals brand paint pens on the back of the rock. 

Once they are done, I spray them again with a clear coat made for the outdoors. Front and back.
Again, any brand is good really. 

Then we hide them all over.  Sometimes we will bring some to the store with us or on errands or make a trip somewhere in town just to hide them. 

Sometimes you find the perfect spot for the perfect rock and sometimes my kids are hilarious about hiding them! Either way, it's a simple, cheap activity that everyone can do! 

I hope that answers all of your questions! Have fun painting rocks!

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