Don't Quit, Change Perspective!

2 Timothy 1:7 -

I spent yesterday on the verge of plopping down in the middle of my garden to have a good crying fit. This week has been hard, I’ll be honest. We’ve had some health scares, dog issues, our fridge died and I serve on a school board during a pandemic (enough said there right?). 

At one point everything just seemed too hard, too hopeless and too much for me. I wanted to give up.

The enemy is so good at distracting us with hopelessness. He’s great at helping us forget whose we are and where we are going. 

At one point during the day I remembered to invite the Lord in. I prayed that His peace would fill the air around me and then my brain when on down the tracks. 

But you know what? Looking back towards that moment today is when my peace began to return. I felt less hopeless. Less likely to give up. I became grounded in myself once more, my world righted. 

Were any of my problems gone? No. But my perspective was restored. 

We are not created to live in fear or hopelessness or out of control. We are built on our rock solid Savior who has already done the work of saving us. Our job is to remember to invite Him in. To remember whose we are and who we are. 

Right your perspective (before or after your good cry is fine).

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