A painted patio project!

Last weekend I finished a BIG project and that was painting my back patio! It was harder than I thought it would be in almost every way BUT it was well worth it for the stunning results I get to live with now!

I will start this off by saying that I was looking for a more "worn in" and well loved look.  I am also not a perfectionist nor do I care about perfection, so if you lean that way, this project may take a bit more time. 
This was what I started with.  Our plan is to eventually put a deck out here but in the meantime, I wanted to try something fun.
 So I moved everything out of the way. 
And then realized that my pressure washer was dead. So I just sprayed it off and swept it really well. 

I started with a base coat of light grey and used a darker grey for the stencil.  I probably would have preferred the reverse but I was worried it would become too hot in the sun. I'm also glad I didn't use white or any variety of white because even this light grey is VERY bright in the sun! So, keep that in mind. 

I purchased the stencil from Stencil On on Etsy.  I got the 19in, 10 - mil, white plastic option and I am glad I did! It held up wonderfully and the dried paint peeled off afterwards so I can use it again. 

The base coat took about three hours, maybe more than that.  The stenciling took over five hours and killed my back.  There was a little bleeding in some spots but not much because I tried to keep the brush as "dry" as possible while stenciling. It wasn't a hard task, just a time consuming one.
I am very pleased with how it turned out.  I did not seal it because I didn't feel that it was needed but you could definitely do so. 
Our patio is 10 feet by 24ft.  Doug had to go back to Lowes for me (because he is a saint) to buy a second gallon of paint because I was definitely not expecting to need more than one.  If you want a very solid coverage, you would need a third gallon. Each gallon was about $30 each. 

If you've been wanting to try to paint a patio...go for it! 
No project with paint can't be fixed with more paint! 

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