Romans 8:1

Whose rule are we living under, man or God? I think a lot of what ails us as humans is trying to please man, which in whole is impossible. We’ve been given a secure place eternally in Christ yet we shirk it to please people who can’t guarantee us the same.  

What is it about our spirits that is so inclined to do so? Even further, why do we take it a step beyond and ignore those around us who see our gifts and contributions, who even encourage our journey and following of the Lord and focus in on the one screamer in the room who is displeased with us?  

It’s a habit we must break. 

It’s a distraction to stall our spiritual growth, to trip us up and keep us small. The enemy loves to find a shortcoming and amplify it, convince us that it’s all people see in us and that everyone is talking about it. 

We have to combat that with truth for the sake of our own sanity, not to mention our witness to others. What do we want to show the world: that we are obsessed with the opinion of man or that we live securely in the palm of His hand lacking any condemnation? 

We will always have people “out to get us”, that is just life. What we must realize is that their mission has nothing to do with us. Pointing out the failures we see in others is just a tactic for control and self soothing. If we are better than someone else, we’re not that bad, right? 

But that’s no way to live and such a fickle source of security when we have access to something so much better: Christ. Let us rest in knowing that everyone has access to this blessing of hope and act like it in how we treat them. 

Whether someone is our champion or the thorn in our side, it doesn’t change our base response which should be prayer. 

Give thanks for both the polishing rag and the sandpaper, both serve us well if we choose to utilize them from our steady place with Christ.

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