How to make a simple mask! (five minutes or less!)

Let's call this post "name a tutorial you never thought you'd create". 

No surprise here, everyone needs one now, lots of folks have sewing machines in their closets and I promise you that all you need know how to do (outside of threading your machine) is sew a straight line.  You can do this!  Ready?

Here's what you need:
  • two pieces of pretty (might as well) fabric that are 6 by 9in each
  • two pieces of thin elastic that are 7 in each
  • a 3in piece of ribbon with the ends singed to prevent fraying
  • a 2.5in piece of pipe cleaner

 I don't tend to pin things but you can if you'd like.  Place the two pieces of fabric right sides together. Pin the ends of elastic into each corner, the shorter 6in sides will be for your ears so each elastic should go from the top to the bottom of each of these sides.
 Sew along the edges using 1/4in seam, leave a small opening along the bottom. Clip the corners and turn right side out.
 As you sew the opening closed, go around the entire mask, making three pleats on each side as shown in the photo above.  Again, you can pin these or eyeball them as I have done.
 Grab your ribbon...
 Sew three sides down into the interior at the top of the mask. Leave one side open.
 Slip your pipe cleaner into the opening. Remember to remove it when you wash your mask, this is why we only sew down three sides.
 If you'd like, you can sew a small pleat along the chin as well for a better fit. You can also leave this step off as well.
That's it.  Sorry we need these but hopefully you see how easy it is to make your own!

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