Encouragement for Strength - Now is the time to love well!

Nothing like a little pressure to bring out the worst or the best in people right? If your Facebook feed is anything like mine at the moment, you’re seeing a little of both. It’s my daily reminder of how I want to behave. The last few days I’ve been sharply aware that my mood and attitude effects the entire tone of the household so I’ve got to work hard to keep it in check. Our home has been calm and peaceful these last few weeks and that’s a gift I don’t want to squander. I’m guessing that most homes are similar in that a parent can dictate the whole feel of the home by their words and actions. Even if so far we have failed, we can always turn the ship around. Being under pressure brings to the surface all of the areas that need our attention and to make it through this well, we need to address them. Is trust our issue? Peace our struggle? Is there something we need to address with a spouse or our job or our kids? Weak spots will now appear like a pebble in our shoe and remain hard to ignore until this is over. It’s always our choice to deal with them or not but it’s never too late to start. This is our opportunity to love others the way we have been loved. Fresh starts, forgiveness, patience, hope...we have an excellent example to mirror. Even within the confines of our home we can show others the Jesus that we know. Our family can benefit from this time, one way or another.

We can do this!  Here's a few photos of beauty from my yard to remind you that good things are still going on in the world!

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