Mark 9:35

Mark 9:35 - I’ve learned some things this week that remind me that I have not earned this life I have. There is nothing spectacular in me, nothing I have said or done to be in a home that is safe and warm, with a faithful, good husband, healthy and bright children and job I love. Sure, I’ve worked hard and try to do what is right but even that doesn’t even come close to guaranteeing a “good life”. Some people are born into circumstances beyond their control. Innocence is lost almost upon arrival. We live in a world where the enemy prowls around, looking for prey to take under. This is why our life purpose and focus needs to be loving and serving others well. Without stopping to decide if they are worth it or have earned it or deserve it. We don’t decide the families we are born into, the health of our children, the actions of our spouse, the evils that visit our family but we do get to decide our response and it should be LOVE. We have NO IDEA what people are carrying. We have no clue about how they spend their nights: in tears or in terror sometimes. I got a glimpse this week into a couple of things that people in my circle are dealing with and it humbled me. For one, it put my problems into perspective. For two, it reminded me the importance of LOVING WELL those I come into contact with on a daily basis. To filter my frustrations through the Lord and remember that we rarely know the full story. We don’t need to know it. It’s not required to love others the way we would want to be loved. To serve in ways that remind others that Jesus sees and knows them. That He is near to carry burdens and that He is able to heal the seemingly unheal-able. The world says “me first, others last” but the Lord says “others first, me last”. We can guess which way leads to life.

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