Make an Adorable Pumpkin Wreath

 I will start from the beginning here.  This idea is not my own it comes from The Paper Crane's very own tutorial. On her blog you can find some templates for faces and such, I'm just sharing here how I made my own using HER original idea.  Please go check her out! This is how I took her idea and made them into an obnoxiously happy wreath!
Isn't it cute! And doesn't it look great with my new blue door?!
To make the wreath shown above you will need:
-fake pumpkins in a variety of sizes.  I think I have 8 packs of different ones from Micheals, Joann and the Target dollar section.
-I used some black cheesecloth to fill-in the gaps and provide a background and hide some wires.
-wreath base.  Mine here is just one of the simple wire ones.
-red Christmas berries found in the floral dept (see below for photo)

I suggest doing them assembly line style.  Give them all different eyes, in a variety of sizes and shapes. They don't have to be perfect because all together they will be adorable.  Don't believe me? The Paper Crane says the same thing.
 Then some amoeba shaped mouths for everyone!
All the different ways! Don't worry about perfection!
Then add pupils (different sizes and shapes!!!) Add some small dots and dashes haphazardly for cute little toofs!
 These berries were about $1 each. I clipped them off of their spring leaving an inch or so of wire attached to the berry.

Push them right into the pumpkins for noses! You can use a dab of glue if you don't think they feel secure.

Now my front door gets hotter than hades and if I just glue a wreath together using hot glue, it will eventually melt apart.  I had to wire each pumpkin to the wreath using 22 gauge floral wire. If you don't have this problem, feel free to attach with hot glue.  I would suggest wrapping your wreath in some sort of decorative ribbon, or cheescloth or something to give a nice background FIRST if you are glueing.  If you are wiring them on as I have, do that first then go in with strips of cheesecloth.
Most of the pumpkins I was able to just shove the wire through.  There were a few stubborn ones so here is what I came up with:
I took a bamboo skewer and cut a small slit in the end that I could hook the wire to then shoved the whole thing through. Not as neat as just the wire but nothing I couldn't cover up later. 

 Add your largest pumpkins first and work your way down to the smallest, using the smallest ones to fill in any wholes.  Make sure your wires are bent IN towards the wreath and away from your door so you don't scratch your door!

Keep going until you love it! I used 78 pumpkins! Then I cut the cheesecloth into strips and tied them here and there filling in the gaps.

I kept going until I couldn't see any wires and it looked nice and full.

 One last is how I hand wreaths on my front upside down command hook on the backside to loop a ribbon attached to the wreath around!

I hope this helps you make your own! It's a bit of work but it takes your mind off of things and think how happy you will be to pull it out next year! :) 

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