Nerf Gun Storage (for about $20!)

We recently redid the boy's rooms, painting, adding shelves, etc.  One of the main projects we did were these Nerf Gun storage elements.  This solved the problem of them living just anywhere on the floor and in closets and were simple and cheap to make!

Want to make some? You only need a few minutes and barely need a saw!

Here's what you need to make your own (we got everything at Lowe's):
peg board (the one shown is 2ft by 3ft)
2 1in by 2in boards cut to the width of the peg board
anchors and screws
pegs for holding tools (found in the garage storage part of Lowe's)
a peg board "bucket" for holding bullets

Figure out where you want the peg board to hang and attach one of your 1in by 2in board to the wall by using anchors OR screwing into studs.

Hold peg board in place on top of board and mark on the wall where the bottom 1in by 2in board should go.

Attach the bottom board to the wall the same way you did the first one.

Screw peg board into the 1 by 2s across the top and bottom.

Insert pegs, arrange guns and enjoy the praise of your children at how awesome you are!

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