Easy DIY Contractor Mirror Upgrade (for less than $20)

All of the bathrooms in my house had the same contractor grade mirrors in them.  Functional but BORING.  Redoing these mirrors is super simple and not that expensive.

All I needed to do mine was:
-two prestained boards from Lowes (per mirror).  You could maybe do this DIY cheaper if you just get raw wood and paint or stain them yourself. I went this route because, well, it was easier and faster.
-tube of liquid nails.  One tube was enough for me to do all three mirrors.
-saw (I have a miter (???) saw that can cut 45 degree angles and made this project much easier but any saw that cuts wood, would work!)
-Painters tape.

Start by measuring how wide and tall you want your frame to be.  As you can see from this photo, the mirrors in my house were snug against the wall.  So I measured from there to the end of the counter.  Then I measured from the top of the counter to the bottom of the light fixture.

I then cut the wood using 45 degree angles at both ends with the longer points being my measured lengths.

Once I had them all cut, I laid them out on the flat ground to see how they would fit together.  I sanded the ends here and there to create a better fit (though I was not looking for perfect by any means). Once I was happy with how they are looking, I took them to the bathroom where they would hang being careful to recall how they were laid out before.

For my frame, I started with the bottom, apply liberal amounts of liquid nails to the center of your board. Don't get too close to the edge or you may end up seeing it. Apply that board to your CLEAN mirror. Use painting tape to hold in place,
The next board I did was always the wall, then the opposite side and then the top.  You can wiggle them around a bit until they fit nicely.  Hold them up with the painters tape and allow to dry overnight. Remove tape and feel super accomplished because your mirrors are now cute and NOT standard!

Hope you enjoy this little, simple update!


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