How to Make a Rope/Macramé Rainbow!

As per my usual Christmas tradition, I get obsessed with a craft and I can't stop at just one! One year it was gnomes, another year punch needling.  It's always something.  BUT, these by far are one of my favorites. I will FOR SURE be making these all year both to sell and give as gifts because WHO doesn't need a rainbow? Right? They are so happy and with an endless amount of sizes and color options, you can custom make them for anyone.  Want to make a bunch?

Here is what you need:
--rope (I used 3/8ths but any size that makes you happy) I started with this nylon rope I got from Lowe's
--thin wire (I used 22 gauge I found in the floral department of Joann)
--yarn (whatever you have on hand is good to start with. Any yarn will do)
--painters tape 
--hot glue 

You'll start by cutting various lengths of rope and taping each end (tape them before you cut them to reduce fraying at this point). If you want to make a large rainbow (Like the bright or pastel one above) here are the lengths you should cut:

In inches: 22, 20 1/2, 19, 18, 16 3/4, 15 1/2, 14 1/4 (to make other sizes, play around as you get better. Lay out the rope in a rainbow shape as you cut and tape the lengths to ensure it will come out rainbow shaped)

Next you will add wire in lengths slightly shorter than how long you want your "bow". I cut them about the length from top the of tape to top of the tape (when the taped off rope is laid flat) (you can always cut them shorter later if you need to). 

Now here is a little bit of a tricky part and a divergence from the tutorial I used. 
Find the center of your rope bow and your wire.  Start to twist the rope in 
such a way that it starts to untwist a bit. Tuck the wire in as shown above...

 Allow the rope to twist back to it's shape...wrap the 
rope around the wire, keeping it in the interior of the rope. 

Now the wire is inside the rope. Slowly wrap the rope 
around the wire until it's all encased within the rope. 

Now wrap your ropes! Start with a knot at one end and slowly and tightly wrap your rope with the yarn. You'll find a good method to making it go faster as you get a little practice. You can start anywhere on the end you'd like, depends on how long you want your rope clouds to be. Once you are all done, secure your unknotted end (the end where you finished) with just the smallest dab of hot glue. 

Now designate a backside and have that facing up towards you as the rainbow is laying on the table. In the center of each bow add a small dot of hot glue, taking care to not let it show through the front. Hold together for a few minutes to secure. 

Then do the same thing with both sides. You don't need a ton of glue here. 
These aren't meant to be played with or anything, just hung on the wall! 

Here's your cute backside! :) 

Using about 4inches of ribbon, secure to the back and add a button for extra cuteness, using hot glue. 

Un-wrap your taped ends and untwist the rope and fluff it! 

And now make 100 more. 

I learned how to make these from this tutorial on Pure Sweet Joy, check her tutorial out for a different method or use both of these to adapt them to make your own! 

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