How to Make a Gnome!

This was a popular craft of ours last year and now they are everywhere...there's still lots of time to make some! :)

We made lots of these over the Christmas break but that by no means means that gnomes are just for Christmas.  In our {Norwegian} house, gnomes are good all year long! This no-sew version is super fun and easy to make.  Kids who can handle a hot glue gun can join in the fun and if they're too young for that, they can choose colors of felt and the just right nose!
 Here are some supplies you need.  You can get most of them at Micheal's or Joann's.  Use your coupons and they remain pretty inexepensive.  I'm sure you can also use any other number of wooden items for the body.  If you enjoy sewing, you can also make the body by using a cinched up circle, stuffed.  You can also paint the wooden base. 
Start by cutting a piece of "beard" an appropriate size for your body. 
 Glue to the edge... so.
Hot glue that nose on.  Use the fur to cover the edges of the glue.  You can also sew the bead onto the beard before you glue it on the base.
 Grab a felt triangle in a color that makes you happy. 
Roll it into a cone, glue it shut and trim it up.  It should fit over the top of the bad easily but without too much wiggle room.
I like to glue them on first by the nose area, let that set then do the back section.  That's it! You can add trim if you'd like or embellish them in any way that suits your fancy!

Enjoy making them! They'd be cute for Valentine's day wouldn't they? xo

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