Recognize the Trick

I have felt the pull to write again for some weeks. It's been a struggle to get here however, in more ways that one.

I feel like I keep asking the Lord "Are you sure?', "For real?", "Like, really sure?"

I pulled away for several months for lots of reasons (excuses probably) but am now wondering if this is something I really am called to do.

What caused the ebb this time was this post on Instagram: HERE. 

Sharing that little sliver of my heart work and the response it made cause me to remember that He has called me to tell my stories and that people need to hear them.  That old saying is true...even if it helps ONE person, it's worth the share.

Why have I been so reluctant to share lately? Another old standby created by the enemy: fear. Fear filtered into our lives through tricky filters the enemy has used FOREVER.

This past weekend I became starkly aware of this filter after a friend and I discussed what the people around us SAY and what our brains PROCESS.  It happens so fast that sometimes I don't even think we realize it happens but ever since this discussion, I have have become keenly away of this "filter" as clearly as if it were something attached to my ears literally changing the words that were said.

Here are some examples from this weekend:

Sweet stranger: "It's so nice to meet you!"
Enemy filter: "What are you doing here? It's obvious that you don't belong with this group"

Sweet stranger: "I'm so glad you were able to come!"
Enemy filter: "It's weird that you're at this exclusive event".

Sweet Stranger: "It was so great to get to know you this weekend!"
Enemy filter: "I hate that you intruded on this special time with my friends!!"

See? He does quick work of instantly filtering the words that are SAID to us into things he wants us to here.  The worst part is that we do half of the work for him.  We are willing to call people we know or don't know LIARS immediately and our insecurities do the rest.

My heart was primed to receive the deceptions because as I looked around the room at all of these beautiful and well put together ladies, I felt completely out of place in my shorts and tank top, having driven six hours to be there that day.  I was like Cinderella's ugly step-sister or whatever example you need of an ugly duckling at a ball for polished, well put together ladies. 

But don't worry, if insecurity isn't your cup of tea, the enemy is willing to use other primers too...stress, guilt, exhaustion... Don't worry, he will have something to fit you.

How do we fix this? There are a few ways, I think, but they take some work and time.

1: Call it what it is, the enemy's work. Period.

2: Recognize the lie and be willing to believe people when they tell you something. If they are lying, that's none of your business anyway!

3: Recognize the enemy's filter and how he is using it.  This makes it easy to spot and root out!

4: Work on making his filter ineffective. This is the hard part.  I am currently working my way on insecurity...more specifically, not feeling secure. 

More on that later.

So what do we think? Should I keep writing and bring that here? Do people still read blogs?

I'd love your prayers and I figure out if this is the Lord or my own will.  Time is precious and I don't want to waste it on empty pursuits.

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