We "donut" know what we would do without you! (a free printable).

I was out of town this weekend so that didn't leave me many options for treats this week. Thankfully, there is a FABULOUS local donut shop that I am more than happy to give business to!

It also led to a great conversation with my kids about how when we really want to do something, we find a way to get it done or we find an excuse.  I told them that I made a promise to myself that I would bring treats for the teachers on Mondays this year and how it's important to keep promises to ourselves!

So we went and bought donuts! They bagged them in pairs for us and I brought my printable and stapler in the car this morning  Done and done!

The bonus was that we got donuts too! A great way to start a week, I don't care who you are!

You can download the free printable HERE.

As a reminder, my preferred method of printing these is to drag it to a word file, resize it to a size that works for me and tile it on the page and print that way onto cardstock.

You can also download the shutterfly app and order them as 4 by 6in prints for FREE if you pay shipping. This printable would be great for lots of things, not just teachers! Lunch boxes, notes to a friend and more!

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