How to make an adorbale leather bear wallet (from scraps!)!

This is an adorable and simple craft that I did with my son's 5th grade class.  I say that to let you know immediately that YOU CAN DO THIS! It's quick and easy to do with a few basic tools and leather scraps that are easy to find. All of the tools needed can be found on Amazon or other craft stores.  Nothing is too crazy expensive so this is a great craft for a group of kids. 

 Here's what you need: (linked to Amazon where I could)
a leather punch
snaps and snap tool
waxed thread meant for leather work
large eyed needle
leather scraps
pattern (found HERE)
 Cut out the two pattern pieces.  Place them wrong sides together as shown.
 Punch evenly spaced holes through both pieces on all three sides as shown.
 Punch a hole in the "nose" flap for the snap.
 Use that hole to mark where the hold needs to be for the other half of the snap by folding over.
 Punch that hole too!
 Add your snaps (the kit will come with directions).  You can also punch the eyes now too.  See below for placement.
 Cut off a very long piece of the wax thread. Tie into place at the top right hole leaving a long tail
 Line up the two pieces and their holes.  Begin to stitch the two together using a running stitch.
 Go all the way to the end of the other side and turn around and go back the other way.  This will fill in the dashed line.
 When you get back to the beginning, only go through the top layer and tie a knot with the tail you previously left. Tuck the ends into the interior.
 Snap the nose down.
 Mark where you'd like your eyes to be if you haven't already punched them.
 Use your needle or a pen to do this.
 Punch those eyes out!
And you are done! The perfect size for a card and a bit of cash! I hope you have fun making some!
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