"You're a Peach" Free Lunch box printables!

Hey friends!

This is just a quick post to share what I made for teachers this week and a link to some pretty cute printables!

Since I am short on time...Here is a link to the Peach Cobbler Bread I made!
The only change I made was to use my frozen peaches. I used 2-3 cups instead of the cans. 

I thought a cute "peach" themed printable would be cute and then I just kept going with the fruit puns and made them into a set of printables that would be perfect for kid's lunches.  My ten year old informed me that he was *not* embarrassed to find one in his lunch.  So there you go!
You can download the whole set of fruity pun printables HERE.
If you just want the peach one, you can get that HERE.  
 Here's how I packaged the mini loaves of peach bread. Those clear treat bags are very handy to have a stack of and are good for all sorts of treats. You can find them at Target, Joann, etc in the party or cake decor section.

And above are a couple of samples for you to peek at! There are six designs in all! Have fun blessing the people in your life with them! :)

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