She Knew She Could! Genesis printable!

This week's printable is my favorite yet!  I love the message and the oceany theme to it! It's paired with Brown Sugar Pound Cake! Here's a little peek at how I presented treats this week!
Instead of making one bundt pan, I made two 9in squares. Worked perfectly to treat all of the teachers and staff!
 I boxed up individual servings in these bakery boxes someone gave me. 
They are the perfect size for this! They are nestled in there with sheets of parchment paper which works well as a first layer for when I package goodies!
You can buy parchment sheets HERE on Amazon.  I use parchment for baking and cooking as often as possible.  Makes cleaning up a cinch!

Here's the printable for this week! I really do try to listen and hear what God wants me to share that week.  I'll never know if I'm on it,  but at least I am trying!

You can download the free printable HERE.
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