Personalized Pet Shirt DIY

My son is a sucker for cat shirts. He owns several and we are always on the lookout for new ones.  The other day it dawned on me how fun it would be for him to have a cat shirt that featured his own cat! It was pretty simple to do and if you have a printer capable of printing in photo settings you can do it it!
You'll need some shirts with pockets.  I had to add the pocket for the girls shirt but that was relatively simple. I found all of these at Target for $5 or less.
You'll also need iron on transfer paper.  I used this exact one HERE. I bought that pack because it was good for both light and dark fabrics.  You can also find it at Joann, the price is cheaper on Amazon.
You'll also need an iron and a decent printer.
First, you pre-wash the shirts.  A necessary step. I know, it's totally annoying. To create the page I wanted to print on the transfer paper I cropped the (high quality) photos as close as I could while still keeping the whole shape of the pet in the photo.  By high quality I mean clear crisp photos, preferably taken in bright natural light.

I dragged them to a word document and tiled them onto the document to fill the paper.  I printed extra assuming I could use them sometime.

I realize that this is very low tech BUT it is very simple.

I printed the document following the directions on the packaging of the transfer paper.  I ended up using a "photo paper glossy" setting on "best" quality.
I then cut the pet out carefully, trying to preserve some of the details but not all of them.  A general outline is good.
Then just follow the instructions for ironing onto the shirts, tucking the bottom of your image into the pocket so it looks like the pet is peeking out of it.
Super fun, adorable and one of a kind! Enjoy making some!

A side note, the stripes and the stars on those shirts did bleed through a little bit.  Not enough to ruin it but just in case that would bother you.


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