Beach Towel Easter Baskets

 Hey friends! Remember the old school "boo boo bunnies"? Well this is like an XL version of those but instead of holding an ice cube, it holds the contents of an Easter basket!

This is such a cute and practical way to make those needed summer items part of a fun Easter tradition and it's super simple to make!
 If my boys had needed new flip flops I would have added those in as well but you get the idea. Want to make one? It's super easy!
 Fold your beach towel in half to make a square.
 Fold that square in half to make a triangle.  Put the corner with the tags at the top so they will be hidden or remove them all together.
 Starting from that top corner, roll it towards you tightly.
 Fold it in half like so, then about halfway down fold the "ears" back towards the body.
 Secure the "face" using a rubber band or ribbon and "fluff" to get it to look nice.  Fill the back loop with all of your Easter goodies and wrap the new goggles around it all!
 The result is pretty cute, don't you think?
 Here's what it looks like from the top! That black thing is a new bathing suit.
I hope you love a new twist on a couple of old ideas! Have fun making them!

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