Me, too. And the "D" word.

Gosh.  I don't even know where to start this post.  But it's one of those that have been turning over in my head time and time again.  I keep coming back to it and every time I do, that little whisper starts in on me..."share, talk, write about it, someone needs to hear it."

That is, after all, the reason I love writing in the first place.  I love the element of "me too!" and I think it is highly needed in our world to survive.  We need to know that we are not alone in this place.  We need to know that someone goes before us, has done it and lived to tell about it.  We need to know that we have not somehow found ourselves in a wormhole that we have created all on our own.  That we are not suffering from something so unique and new and odd that there cannot be a way out because no one has ever been there before.   

There are a lot of truths in the Bible that I believe wholeheartedly.  One of them is this:

"There is nothing new under the sun. What has been, will be again." Ecc 1:9

This is evidence to me that God wants us to relate to one another.  Share our common experiences so that we can learn, through each other how to better carry the things we come across in this world. 

Sometimes we just need a strap adjusted to shift the load in such a way as to make it much lighter.  Sometimes we need to lay things down that we are not meant to carry anyway.  That is the power of "me, too".

On the other hand, the enemy wants us desperately to believe that we are alone.  That our burdens ARE unique.  He wants us to believe that we are so terrible, so alone, so awful, so wretched, that a fresh hell was created just for us to suffer alone.  The enemy does not like the "me, too".

I think that a little more "me, too" in this world can solve a lot of problems.  How so? Because "me, too" is the root cause of empathy.  And empathy action.  A healthy community consists of various levels of individuals, all of them constantly looking below them to offer a hand up to the person in need of one.  Together, in this way, we all rise.  A lack of "me, too" leads to over competition and selfishness, anger, isolation and depression.

And that's where we are going with this.  Depression.  Consider this my "me, too" introduction to a frank conversation about depression.  We are going there.  Together.  Me, too.

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