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 I figure that a good follow up to the last post is a little update on what's going on with my shop!  Little Bit Funky is approaching it's ninth birthday and that is super exciting! Nine years seems like a long time to have the same job these days, let alone keep a small  business running! It's going along quite nicely and I fall more in love with it every day! Here's a little update for you in case you don't follow me on instagram! Above is a beautiful photos a customer sent me of her hoho collection.  Don't you just love that?!
 And new this year are lambys! Just like hohos in their quirky-ness but with a sweet little lamb face.  They fit right in with the family.  That little heart nose is just too much! :)
 Just a cute shot of some darling lamby legs and some fun tape a friend sent me!
 Keepsake hohos are still a favorite! I love to turn old memories into a new treasure.  Each one is just so special to me!
 With my oldest reading Harry Potter, I finally jumped in and found some cute fabric to make hohos with! How adorable is this HP fabric? It's been quite the hit!
 Felt is my favorite to sew on.  Something about the texture of it and the contrasting thread...I could just sew on it all day! These bags are super fun and customizable for whatever you want them to say!
 They are generally unlined canvas bags but you can add a lining if that makes you happy! :)
 Don't you just love them? The felt I use is a high quality wool blend so you don't get that messy piling like with the cheap acrylic stuff.
 And my necklaces are moving right along as well.  The most popular are the Family Tree ones, not shown, the Quiver and the Grandchildren ones.  They are always available for you to customize!
 I love a good customized option!
That's my world lately.  Making and sharing my heart through fabric and thread and polyfil! I hope your world is just as pretty! :)

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