Encouragement for Monday - On Healing

I'm setting up a little Ebenezer here this morning and I'll tell you why.

God has shown me over the last four days, that when you have dedicated yourself to doing the long, hard work of healing and getting yourself right, you will rebound from being knocked down faster than you would ever imagine. 

When you don't cheat and you work hard, exposing all of the tender and broken places that need His touch, He will heal them.  And when those wounds get poked, like they sometimes will, and a pulse of deep, hot pain goes through them to remind you that they were once there, the rebound you experience will be like a rubber band. 

When you've done the hard work of forgiveness (no matter how many times it takes or how many times you need to remind yourself), though your knees may buckle, your feet will remain planted.

When you have gone the long road with Him, emptying out all of the corners of your heart to Him, allowing Him to trim and tuck and remove all the dark places, He will show you the fruit of your efforts by making each subsequent recovery all the more efficient.

If you are in a place of doing the hard work in the desert, it will pay off in the promised land.  Do not rush the process to fit your own timeline or anyone else's.  Don't push the pace of healing for the benefit of checking it off the list or proving it to someone else.

Each and every heart and situation needs it's own steps, it's own time, it's own wandering path.  You and God are the mapmakers.  No one can dictate that to you.  

Go the long way.  Take the path that leads to the far places and the deep places and the places you don't want to touch.  The work will be hard, and deep BUT lasting.  You won't regret it.

And when you drop to your knees from a new blow, your instinct will be to get back up, dust those knees off, look at your map and say "Now where was I". 
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