Daring to be You!

The most terrifying thing you can be, is yourself.

Isn't that the truth?

Being who we are, feeling our own feelings and going our own way is downright terrifying.  Why? Because we have to stand alone.  In the end we have to stand by ourselves and proclaim "I am good enough and I like it this way" instead of being able to use the excuse "well they were doing it, too!".  We are basically saying that rejection is a worthy price for freedom if it comes to that.

Daring to be ourselves is the highest kind of bravery I can think of.  Not only does it give ourselves the freedom to enjoy who we are but it also gives others that freedom as well.  

It's not a natural stance either.  I think there must be something in our DNA...something that drives us to protect ourselves by fitting in, by not causing a stir or bringing attention to ourselves.  You have to really fight to be comfortable with yourself but when you do? Bliss.

Some of my very best days are the ones where I literally think to myself "I have NO damns to give today" and proceed to follow that path.  It's freeing! I feel comfortable and relaxed and begin to see peeks of myself that I actually enjoy!  It's honestly the least stressful kind of feeling.

And the best kind of bonus that comes with that mentality? You begin to see those things in others too! "You do you" is something we say regularly in our household.

Loving ourselves this way helps us love our kids this way too!  Suddenly all of the non-heart issues (hair and clothes and preferences) are not important and we can focus on the things that matter: how they treat others, their attitudes, eternal things, etc.

Being YOU makes the important things important and sheds the rest.  Who cares if others like a fake version of you? What does that leave you with at the end of the day?

You were created how you are on purpose, with a purpose!

Choose to start figuring that out TODAY!

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