Creative Friday {some of my favorites from this week}

Hello there! Happy Friday to you! Congrats on making it through another week of life! :)

This week has been a pretty one! The weather has been amazing and creativity has flowed freely.  This week I really tried to focus on being present with whatever I was doing.  Just being in the moment and really trying to enjoy it! I think I did pretty well.  It was a good week for cute felt lettered pouches and hohos galore! Above are some of my favorites! If you need a pouch with a specific word on it...don't hesitate to ask!
This pouch idea was a big one this week.  Oils are everywhere now, why not have a cute way to carry a few with you at all times?
It just doesn't get better then fresh hohos, does it? I loved this order this week.  It's always enjoyable for me to work on an order for a long time customer.  

Last weekend I took a calligraphy class and every night this week I have tried to eek in a little practice.  It's always fun to learn something new, especially when it's as challenging as calligraphy! I'm hoping that a little dedication and continued practice will get me some good results. 

That's been my creative week! I don't forget for a moment what a joy it is to do what I do.  Every day is fun, the relationships I've been are rewarding and it's a true Joy to create for others!

Have a super weekend!

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