Seeing in the Dark

When we are standing in the dark we have two choices.

One, we close our eyes tightly and pretend we aren't there.  We add darkness to darkness by keeping our eyelids sealed shut to the best of our ability.  The tenebrosity grows deeper and deeper still as the room we are in takes on a new level of fear in the hands of our imaginations.  Gloomy shadows, obscure figures, dim shapes become the things we tremble at the most.

Two, we open our eyes and let them adjust to our surroundings.  Sure, it's still dark but we acclimate and before long we are able to see the room around us for what it really is.  Reality appears.  Long shadows take on familiar shapes. Illumination becomes possible, even on the darkest nights.  Before long we are comfortable, we can move around at ease and find the things we need to move forward.

Life is like this.

Right now I am standing in the dark.  Surrounded on all sides by terrible things of all sorts.  Brokenness abounds in this world we live in.  More lives than I can count are knee deep in awful situations.  I don't even need to mention the world at large.  Heartbreak is plentiful.

But God is saying "open your eyes.  Look around.  See.  Do not dismiss the blessings because there is darkness.  There has always been darkness and there will always be until the day that all is made right.  Don't close your eyes and add to the darkness, open them and gain true sight."

I have felt on my shoulder of late, the enemy perched there.  Telling me not to celebrate, not to be full of Joy but rather give into fear.  I have looked over the edge into a pool of murky, dark waters, full of the what ifs and possible outcomes to things that haven't even happened.  He has told me to jump, to wallow, to be ever mourning.  He is pursuing me but he is weak. 

On the other hand God has handed me a chisel and a hammer.  And every time the enemy has tried to take a foothold, God has said "away with it" and we've chipped at it, skillfully like an artist.

God is calling us all, to stand in this dark world with our eyes open.  Don't be surprised by the darkness, surprise the enemy by finding Joy anyway.  We live in a world of sin but we don't have to give into it's whims.  We are called to live with eyes wide open and besides that...with our eyes closed we are choosing to miss it all...the good and the bad.

We are at an impasse...the darkness isn't going anywhere.  Will we choose to open our eyes, adjust and seek out blessings?

Or will we press our eyes closed, tuck ourselves into a corner and miss it all?

For God, said, "Light shall shine out of darkness." 2 Corinthians 4:6

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