Make a Bunny Wreath for Spring!

Are you ready for Spring? I am SO over winter and coldness and all of that mess.  This is the time of year that my protest usually begins...and this year it started with a wreath on the door!  This wreath is quick and cheap! My favorite kind of cute thing to make!
You just need the items above.  The exact size doesn't matter really, you just need to start with a large one for the body, a smaller for the head and two smaller than that for the ears.  You'll need some ribbon and a little bit of spring flair of your choice.

All of these supplies cost me less than $10 at Micheal's. 
I attached the wreaths with wire that I had on hand.  You can buy brown wire that hides well.  I just colored mine with sharpie when I was done. :) 
 For the ears, you just squish them in half like so...and attache those too!
Dress it up however you'd like and let the protest of winter commence! :)

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