The calm before the storm...

It's one of those calm before the storm times.  I can just feel it in my spirit. 

Like a hot summer day when you unexpectedly see a darkened circle of rain on the sidewalk and look up to see dark clouds moving in.  You stand and listen and wait to see what's going to happen.

It feels a little like that right now.  The waiting for the storm.

It's a strange feeling but one I've come to recognize.  The process operates in a cycle and this is the preparation time.  The time when things seem calm and God calls to us to be ready.  Be in the Word.  Steady yourselves.  Make the waiting count. 

It's not a pessimistic view in the least, just one I have come to see as a time to get ready.  Like packing for a trip you know is coming.  He prepares us for what's ahead if we are willing to work.  Don't confuse this time with "nothing is happening", that's too easy. 

These last few months His command to me has been "Be Still" and now He has repeatedly said "Be still and speak".   It's been interesting to see how He has brought meaning to that.  The way He has brought the command to life.  In the waiting He is working.  Bringing people to my front door to "speak" to and it's been amazing.  Wait expectantly. 

Are you waiting? Do you feel forgotten or that your hurts have been forsaken? Just wait well.  You know the storm is coming.  The swift hand of the Lord is on it's way, be ready.  You see the rain appearing on the sidewalk, clean up.  Don't be taken unaware.  He's letting you know He is coming. 

If He has whispered a command to your heart, obey it.  No need to force it.  Gently step into it like a gown made just for you.  In it you will see, the raindrops will make themselves known.

Step into the waiting, the calm before the storm has purpose.

Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord.  Psalm 27:14

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