On Waiting Well {Purposeful Waiting}

Did you ever have a yearning in your heart for something good that was so pressing and present that you thought about it all the time?   A burden you were given to carry that is not yet fulfilled?

Have you prayed and begged God to act only to have Him {seemingly} remain silent?

Maybe you are waiting for that job or that relationship to heal or that situation to be resolved.

Whatever it is, you find yourself waiting with a hope in your heart for a situation that you feel God Himself has given you. 

Why then, doesn't He act? What is the point of steeping our hearts in something and not bringing it to fruition?

Surely you've thought of that, too.  Why doesn't He act when we {think we} are ready?

But He will.  He always does.

I mean, it's not like a contractor would drop off the supplies for your recent project and not come back and finish the job.   Right? 

The purpose, I think, is the waiting.  If the contractor drops off gallons of paint and you know he will be back to give your walls a new fresh coat, what will you do?  You'll make the waiting useful.  You'll move furniture.  You'll take down the photos and art and pull out the nails.  You'll fill the holes and cover up your valuables.  You'll make the waiting useful.

That's what God wants us to do with the burdens He has placed on our hearts while He is waiting to act.

He wants us to pray for the people involved.  For us to deal with the snags of our hearts.   He wants us to pull out the nails {the hard places in our hearts} and take down the things that are in the way of our own healing.  Maybe He wants us to fill in the holes {be walking fully in forgiveness so that when it's time for those relationships to heal, we are ready to be a soft place to land}.  Maybe He wants us to move the furniture {let things go!} so that the space is clear for Him to work.  

He wants us to make the waiting useful.  Maybe that's why He waits until we are actually ready and not just when we think we are. 

The waiting is a gift, as much as the end results.  Let us make full use of it. 

Instead of struggling against the passing time, let us sit in it peacefully while we make it useful. 

Let us breathe in the time around us, and address the issues within while we wait for the contractor to come back. 

And then, we will truly be ready.


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