How to turn your child's art into an embroidery!

Hello! Welcome to a fun new tutorial.  Now this process isn't new to me, I have been making these for years and over those years my process has evolved.  This is a very easy project and something that anyone can do! I promise!  You can start with a simple drawing as shown above...
And work your way up to doing something like the drawing above.  The one at the top took a little over an hour from start to finish, the one just above took over nine hours, just to give you some perspective.  Start small and build momentum!
 These are two I have done from both of my son's drawings, both from about the same age. :)
To do this you'll need:
a Clover Iron-on Transfer Pencil (you can click the link to grab one)
fabric in a color of your choice (lighter is probably better to start)
a drawing you would like to recreate
an embroidery hoop
embroidery thread and a needle
dark colored sharpie
You can start two ways, one you can make a photo copy of the art work to work with OR two you can use the original.  When I am doing something for someone else, I always use a copy.  With the beginning art of your choice, use a sharpie marker to trace the drawing.
 As so...
Turn the drawing over and you should be able to see the whole drawing on the wrong side (this is where a copy is helpful!)
 On the wrong side, trace over the lines with your iron-on pencil. Press firmly and work on a hard surface.
 All traced!
Now you will want to center your drawing on your fabric of choice, penciled side DOWN, right side of the drawing UP. 
 Follow the directions on the pencil packaging, iron your work! Be steady, firm and slow.
You can carefully peel back a corner to check your work (maybe not quite as far as above) and press again if needed. 
 Place your fabric in an embroidery hoop...tighten and you are ready to stitch!
Proceed to follow the lines using a back stitch.  You can hop on over here for a quick little tutorial on that.   You can use the original artwork colors or change it up as you'd like!  There is no wrong way!

Continue your backstitch until everything is traced.  If you want to fill in a section, you just do lots of lines of backstitching close together. 
 To finish it up you can trim the fabric and hot glue it around the edges in your embroidery hoop (that you can paint or wrap in fabric) or you can iron it, trim it down and frame it as I have done above!  Or I am sure you can think of 1000 creative ways to finish it!

I hope you have fun preserving those sweet little memories! :)


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