How to have Self-Control {Fruits of the Spirit}

"But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, 
kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control." Galatians 5:22-23

     I find it no coincidence that this is last post of this series.  Self-control is a hard earned quality in a human being but it is so vital!  Why? Because it opens the door for God's best for us. 

     Take an example from my life.  The church we left is not necessarily treating people kindly as they leave.  People are immediately flipped on.  Like one day they are best friends and the next day they are blocked on Facebook {always the most mature approach}, ignored in public and treated like some sort of scandalous criminal when in most cases people are following God's lead in their lives {probably to lead them out of an unhealthy situation}.  It is the single most crazy church behavior I have ever witnessed...treating people terribly if they decide to leave *your* church.  I know this is true because it was my experience and I've also seen it first hand many times.

Now the human in many of us wants to jump in and *do* something.  Somehow intervene to save others from having their hearts hurt and make it right for those already hurting.  Those are very human and raw emotions but they are not what is best in this or many situations like this.

Just think of your kids for a moment.  Sometimes there are times as a parent when you just know that they will have to learn something the hard way.  You know that if you step in and rescue them that not only will they not learn the lesson but it could backfire on you {and maybe them}.  Some lessons have to be learned on their own!

That is why self-control is important.  God has a good way for us to handle every situation and if we jump over that self-control just to fix things the way we think is best, we are likely going to ruin and and make things worse.  Our way is never better, more efficient, more long lasting or more enduring. 

Self-control opens the gate way to the best possible scenario playing out.  A scenario where the least amount of people are hurt in the least amount of ways in the best use of time.  Self control streamlines the process, our unnecessary actions usually just throw a wrench in things because we are much more terrible at "handling things" than we give ourselves credit for. 

How do we gain this trait?  Time.  Patience.  Learning to sit on our hands well.  Reflecting on times where we had it and it was good.  Gaining self-control is a micro battle.  Meaning you earn it bit by tiny bit over time but once you earn those bits, they tend to stay around and hold their worth. 

You can do it, I can do it, we can do it. 

Happy Friday friends!


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