Blaming or Loving.

We continue to shout our praise even when we’re hemmed in with troubles, because we know how troubles can develop passionate patience in us, and how that patience in turn forges the tempered steel of virtue, keeping us alert for whatever God will do next. Romans 5:3-4

The thing about troubles in this life is that finding who to blame never solves anything.  Our first reaction is often to go from blaming God to blaming our enemies and neither conclusion yields any results we can benefit from. Trials in life are going to happen.  If troubles will be a constant source in our lives, do you think it's better to spend our energy finding out who to blame for them or finding a way to use them for our good? 

I'd say the direction you choose makes the person you are going to be. 
Will you be stuck running in circles or will you develop the passionate patience within yourself that will give you ever growing virtue? 

Even if you choose to be a hermit in the woods, you will have experiences that shape and forge your character.  Using that example, say you are that hermit in the woods and your water source dries up.  What good does it do to find out who is to blame?  Does it give you water? Will it restore your spring?  Or is the thing to do, to learn from your experience, grow in your life skills and find a fresh source of water? 

See.  No people necessary to blame.  

The thing is, our character grows when instead of looking for who to blame, we look for how to grow.  When we care less about who caused the problem and we care more about how God can use it, our virtue magnifies.  

Even when we do know exactly who to blame for something that has happened, how often does presenting that to them change their actions?  I'd say not often.  Knee deep in sin people are oftentimes defensive and sure of themselves, cocky in their arrogance.  Unhealthy people especially.  Unhealthy people with a handful of equally blind supporters, even more so.  I think God still hardens hearts to teach others, just like Pharaoh.  

Quiet is the key in turbulent times.  As long as it depends on you, be at peace. {Romans 12:18}  We are told to be "Slow to speak" and that is with good reason.  Over this last year and a half, I have learned {the hard way at times}, that God will surely let you know when you are to speak or not.  When you should confront a sin or not. When you should deal with the sinner or those effected by their sin instead.  Or when you are called to just love. 

Generally, peace in the storm comes with stepping out of the drama created by blamers.  They think they deflect their sin away from them by finding someone to blame but they are obvious as a peacock strutting their feathers for all to see.  

Those peacock feathers are a flag, waving in the face of God and making sure He sees. 

James 5:4 tells us that all the workers {and people} that have been exploited and cheated cry out for judgment. The groans of the workers that have been used and abused are a roar in the ears of the Master Avenger.
While they are busy getting the Lord's attention, you love.  This last year and a half has taught me to love without exception.  I've seen grace modeled in front of my face.  I've seen undeserved and unexpected grace poured over people and it has inspired me to be that way as well.  That kind of grace waters the soul, causes hearts to swell and blossom again.  It gives fresh life to harmed  and damaged people.  I've seen it first hand.  

Finding who to blame has never done that.    


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