How to Sew a Jewelry Roll {for travel}

 I made one of these as a gift for a friend this Christmas, and while I didn't make this into a tutorial, if you have a little sewing experience, you can figure out what I have done. :) I started with rectangles that were about 8 1/2 by 11in, each "page" made individually and then bound together like a little quilt.  Each page has one layer of batting in it.
 This page was meant for bracelets...each horizontal strip velcros in place on the end.
 This page was meant for earrings.  The holds in the lace fabric seemed to work well and the vinyl was added for some protection.
 You can't tell, but these zippered sections are vinyl so you can see what is in them. 
And this page is for necklaces.  Loop them through the top and tuck the ends into the pockets at the bottom. :)

I added a bow to fasten it and called it done! :) It was an easy project but time consuming. I hope this works as the inspiration you need if you are looking to make one! :)
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