20 Minute Crafter - Make an Adorable Baby Jesus Ornament!

Here's an adorably fun craft that you can make this weekend! You can find all of the supplies at Micheal's or Joann!

You will need:
peg dolls, any size (I used a variety of what I had on hand)
white fabric scraps big enough to swaddle your peg dolls
thin wire
glittery stars
and that grassy fiber stuff (I don't know what it is called by you can find it in the floral section in a bag)
Your choice of glue (hot glue or other)
 It's pretty self explanatory...but if you are a visual learner like me...
Grab a 1/3 cup or so of the fiber and roll it up in your hands like you would with playdough.  It gets it to form a nice little nest. 
Swaddle your little peg doll just like you would a real baby and place it in the nest you made...tie it in place with the twine.
To add the wire...glue it in place between the ribbon for hanging and the little nest.  I attached the stars by peeling off the sticker paper and turning it over so it would stick on itself with the wire between the layers.
 This is what the back looks like.
 Adorable, right?!
They look cute no matter the peg doll size! I hope you have fun making these! :)

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