Jesus Loved Judas {you can love your enemies} - a Note to Self

This is a note to myself.  A reminder I may need in the future and one I could have used a time or two in the past.

Dear Self,

Under NO circumstances will you act out of fear, not even actually scary ones.  Love is your calling.  Love unconditionally and blatantly and foolishly.  Love when it is easy and when you have mud being slung in your face.  There is no excuse you can muster up, no reasoning that will legitimize, no condition that will get you out of loving with reckless abandon.  It is your heavenly assignment.   

None.  No excuse.  There are no "buts" in the Bible when it comes to this.  There are no asterisks beside the words that Jesus spoke.

You are called as a child of God, dearly loved, despite all of your junk to return the favor to each and every person the planet.  Even your enemies.  You will not rejoice in the deaths or failures of others.  You will not wish for their demise or fall.  You will pray for them daily and seek to have the heart of the Father after them.  You are not better than anyone.  More privileges because of your birthplace maybe, but no better on a human level.  Use that the best you can, spread it out.

After all, Jesus loved Judas.  Jesus knew, in every detail, the working of Judas' heart, knew the seed of sin growing, KNEW that he would betray him into the very hands of his murderers, yet loved him still.  And dearly.  Deeply and with all his heart, not this painful, forced way that I try to muster up as "love" for my enemies.  

Your political beliefs will not hold up in God's court.  He does not care.  He created man, all of them.  Your conditions and fears will sound foolish when you have to say them out loud to the Creator of all men.

You cannot control the world, but you do control yourself.  You know the times you have regretted, times when you chose anger or hurt, when you acted out of fear and doubt. All of those times resulted in regret being chiseled into your soul.   You will not pick up that chisel again.

You also know that you have never regretted love.  You've never felt love be wasted.  Decisions made with love don't leave room for doubt, fear isn't welcome there.  Love without condition, even when it hurts, even when it feels unnatural, even when you know you are hated in return.   

You will be brave.  You will stand tall. You will love like you are called to do, despite whether or not it is the popular choice. 

Jesus tells you directly to welcome all, because in doing so you will welcome Him.  Be welcoming.

Jesus tells you to love your neighbor, that means all people.  Be neighbor loving.

Jesus tells you to love.  Be LOVING.

You don't need to worry about excuses, or finding specific scriptures, you don't need hours of research or to waste time seeing what others think.  You know you are called to love.  Love your family.  Love your friends.  Love your enemy.  You will be held accountable to this.

LOVE  > fear

Every time.

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