Make a Modern Photo Holder {in 5 Minutes}

Doug has been asking for new family photos for a few months now.  When I finally got around to ordering him some (from Social Print Studio) the cute little two inch prints inspired a new holder as well.
I may or may not have a little wood collection in my garage.  I will not confirm or deny.  But after rooting around in a nondescript pile of wood I found the perfect piece.  Funky shape, texture, color and character.   
Using a circular saw I set the blade on a 15 degree angle, and to cut 1/4in deep.  I did a practice cut on a scrap of wood to make sure all was well and then cut a line parallel to the back of what would be the holder.
Then I gave it a good sanding and a rub down with (you won't believe this) coconut oil! 
The result was a simple, beautiful, minimalist photo holder for my husbands desk.  I love it, he loves it and now I'm wondering who else may need one for Christmas...

Hope this idea inspires you to look around at what you have to see what you can make! :)
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