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Another week, another guest writer.  I hope you'll enjoy this feature, a fresh perspective from someone who isn't me. :) Feel free to leave comments with questions, Ryan is great to answer them.


Hello faithful and wonderful readers of this amazing blog.  I’m one of Crystal’s friends.  If families could get married, my family would propose to her family.  We would totally put a ring on it.  During wonderful conversations of wonderful-er food, she’s asked me to contribute on her periodically.  I can’t tell you how grateful I am for that chance.  I hope you enjoy reading what I have to say, and if you don’t please feel free to shut up…er…I mean let me know. 

Anyway, on to my inaugural post.

I am a problem solver.  I began my college career intent on majoring in Math, with the eventual goal of teaching Math.  I love math, and I’ve even had occasion to use calculus in the real world…twice.  So when I see a problem, yo, I’ll solve it.  Check out the hook while my DJ revolves it.

I know I’m nearly alone in my love of math.  But I’d wager that I’m not alone in my desire to solve problems.  Think about the last time your world was turned upside down.  Did you scramble to figure out how to put it back together?  You aren’t alone.  For those of you who can’t relate, I still think this post might be helpful to you, but you aren’t my target audience.  I’m talking to those of us who can’t sleep because a thousand potential solutions are running through our heads.

Let me share a personal example.  My family needed to move across the country awhile back.  Yup.  Los Angeles to Virginia.  We had a few weeks to figure out what to do with all our stuff, find a place to live, and find places to work.  So I panicked.  I went into problem solving mode.  I started lining up options.  But nothing seemed to work.  I got frustrated, and I told God, “You asked us to move.  No…you told us to move.  Why isn’t everything falling into place???  Where are you??”

His response: “I don’t want you to move.  I want you to let me move you.  I want you to step back, sit down, and watch me be awesome.”  It was those last words that have stuck with me.

Watch me be awesome.

Can I just say…he didn’t over sell.  He never does.  How could he?  I could list out all the miracles, but let me just focus on my favorite.  We had a small apartment in Los Angeles, but our rent was nearly half what you’d pay for the same apartment in a different complex.  We got the apartment because we were Christians.  The landlady was a wonderful Costa Rican lady who faithfully attended church, and she was thrilled to rent to fellow believers.  That was a miracle on its own for a young married couple.  So when we knew we were moving, we really wanted to bless our landlady.  God had worked a miracle for us with her, and we wanted another one…not for us, but for her.  We didn’t want to leave her looking for another tenant.  So when God said “watch me be awesome,” we believed that he would.  Within a few weeks a friend of ours at church mentioned that she was looking for a place to stay.  She needed exactly what we had.  She was going to school and preparing to be a missionary.  Guess where she wanted to go?  Costa Rica.  Yup.  God orchestrated all this so that she could live and become friends with our Costa Rican landlady.  Turns out, we were just a placeholder in that apartment.  And once that friend moved out, she passed it on to another new married couple.  That apartment has become a wonderful example of God being awesome.

So trust me friend, when your world begins to fall apart, sit back and wait.  Watch God be awesome.  It may take time.  It may take lots of time, but he will do it.  Next week I’ll continue this topic by unpacking a favorite passage of mine that relates to this.  Until then, open your eyes and watch God be awesome.

Ryan blogs over at Home Cooked Jesus {the Jesus you need for the day to day and not just Sundays}.  He is also what I consider a Bible scholar, though he would disagree on technicality.  He studies Hebrew and teaches at a local bible college while pursuing a masters degree in the biblical field. 

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