crafting a heart for jesus - approaching God's annointed {a guest post}

Thank you so much for all of the wonderful feedback on my last post! I am so excited for this next chapter of this fun book God is writing just for me.

I've narrowed down three important themes for this next phase: being REAL about being a mom, wife and friend, humor (because I think it's highly therapeutic) and getting closer to Jesus.  Now the first two and some of the third I totally get but I know that my Jesus-heart-crafting leans more on the emotional side of who He is.  That is great and all but I want to share some solid biblical background as well AND I don't want to only give my perspective.  Lucky for me I have some talented and intelligent friends in just that area.  My hope it to utilize their talents, sometimes anonymously and sometimes not, depends on them.

This first guest post addresses the issue from the post I wrote a few days ago {I'm going to say things out loud}, speaking about a decision made by a pastor that caused a lot of hurt {like hundreds of people kind of hurt}.  That post was written as a call to a population of people who I know are hurting {and they are coming forward} but some wonder why I would admit that out loud, that people are hurting because of a pastor.  The Christian church needs to be turned on its head, to boldly love and do the right thing at all times.  "What would Jesus do?" is not an outdated phrase.  Jesus would call us all to say "I know you are hurting, how can I help you?"

Enjoy the following post and feel free to leave questions in the comments, we will do our best to answer them.

*Trolls will be sent shoe lifts and the latest hair products to help them control that unruly hair.

Don’t touch the Lord’s anointed! When people disobeyed Moses and spoke ill of him, it didn’t
go well for them! You shouldn’t talk bad about your pastor!!

Yeah, you shouldn’t talk bad about your pastor. Just like you shouldn’t talk bad about your
friends, or your family, or your spouse. Because you shouldn’t talk bad about people.

BUT (and this but is so big that Sir Mix-A-Lot just passed out) if your pastor is hurting people,
that needs to be addressed somehow. Just like if your friends or your family or your spouse is
hurting people…it needs to be addressed. Because when someone hurts people (intentionally
or otherwise) it needs to be addressed.

So telling someone who is trying to call this darkness into the light that they need to “be about
unity” isn’t helpful. Because unity can’t exist where someone is being hurt. A family can’t be
healthy and unified if one of the parents is abusive. A group of friends can’t be healthy and
unified if one of them is spreading gossip about the rest of them. That junk won’t end (and
therefore the pain won’t end) until that dark behavior is brought into the light. It does no one
any good to paper over the differences, over the offenses, over the pain in the hopes that we
will all get along. Because we can’t. Not as long as someone is hurting.

Let’s look at Matthew 18. The disciples ask Jesus, “Who is the greatest in the kingdom of
heaven?” Jesus takes up a child and says, “this little guy.” I’m paraphrasing, obviously. Then
notice what he says. “…whoever causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to stumble,
it would be better for him to have a heavy millstone hung around his neck, and to be drowned
in the depth of the sea.” Wait a minute, Jesus. What if that person is a pastor? What about
your anointed? I’m not supposed to speak to your ‘Moses’ like that, am I? Well…if that pastor
is causing a little one to stumble, speaking up might be a good idea. Because if he or she
continues to cause little ones to stumble, it will not go well for them. Jesus literally says it
would be better for them to die. And not just die, but die a pretty terrible death. If that’s the
truth, then I think it warrants an intervention. I think it warrants a warning on our part. If we
see something amiss, we should speak up.

Obviously we need to be careful how we do this.* We don’t need to go off half-cocked every
time a pastor says something we don’t like. But if we see a pattern of abuse, if we see a trail of
hurting people…we absolutely need to step in and say something. And that’s not only for the
sake of those that are hurting, it’s for the sake of those that are doing the hurting. Whether
they are doing so intentionally or not, they are headed down a dangerous road, and God is at
the end of that road waiting with something that is worse than a forceful drowning. That’s
what Jesus said. Why wouldn’t we speak up?

Listen, I want unity. I want all churches everywhere to get along. I sincerely do. But that
doesn’t mean sweeping things under the rug. That means honestly communicating with one
another that we might understand and genuinely love each other. If we keep those offenses
hidden, they will only grow. That’s what darkness does when you keep it away from a light. It
gets darker. But the moment you let some light in, it scatters. Don’t let the darkness win.

*See Matthew 18:15-20

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