Sassing the Lord {aka 50 pairs of socks}

This was not a planned post or a planned morning.  But GOD SAID, so I am doing it.  I started my morning with a reading in the Bible about hearing God speak and then a devotional about making someone feel seen.  I should not be surprised about what transpired this morning.

I took the boys to school this morning in a torrential downpour.  I have taken them to school in every sort of weather: snow, sleet, ice, rain, hail, etc, but this morning was the worst weather EVER.  Blinding rain.  Speeds of 40-45 MPH where 72 was the norm.  Crazy, heavy, relentless rain.  But we got there safely.  I waited in the drop off line to get them as close to the door as possible.  Moses made a run for it.  Aaron asked if I would walk him with my umbrella.  Thinking it would make a difference, I agreed to do so.  It made no difference.  Add to that the unavoidable 6in deep puddle that we had to pass through to get to the door and I delivered a sopping wet six year old to first grade.  I knew his feet were soaked.

I said goodbye and before I got back to the car, I knew I would have to get him some dry socks.

I got in and began thinking about where in town I could get a pair of socks this early in the day.  I called my husband and got an idea or two but in the middle of the shuffle I heard that voice.

And that voice said: Are your kids special?

Me: What does that even mean LORD?! (emphasis mine).

Lord: ARE your kids the only ones who deserve dry feet?  (italics for conviction purposes)

Me: Well, of course not.  (duh)

Lord: Do you really think you should go get ONE pair of socks? Come on now.  (italics for conviction purposes)

Me: I mean Aaron only has ONE pair of feet, soooo.... (maybe the Lord forgot).

Me: Lord, to get more than one pair I would have to go ALL the way to Target (less than 8 miles away).  (I mean ALL the way people.)

Lord: Mmmm hmmmm.

Me: I don't have time for that.

Lord: Finish that thought out loud please.

Me: I don't have time to go get dry socks for all the kids LORD.  (emphasis mine).

Lord: Now, doesn't that sound ridiculous.

Me: It may, but it's still true.

Lord: You're right.  You don't have time but I do.

Me: Ok.  So how will you do that?

Lord: So, is your time mine?

Me:  Not cool.

And then He cinched it with a sentence we have all said:

Lord: It's fine.  Do whatever you want.

So despite the following thoughts: I am busy, I don't have time, people will think I am crazy, I don't want to spend money on all those dern socks, girls will complain about boy socks and boys will complain about girl socks, what about the second graders? kindergarteners? (my boys are in 1st and 3rd), I don't want to drive all that way, it's raining, I AM WET, I don't want to disrupt the class, PEOPLE WILL THINK I AM CRAZY...

I went and bought the dern socks.  50 pairs, because apparently I can't add 20 3rd graders and 14 1st graders.   And apparently I can't add to do a graphic either.   So guess what that terrible math about covers? Second grade and kindergarten.   And guess what Target carries?  Gender neutral socks.

And I am not sharing this to toot my own horn because it is not worth tooting.  I am not special or possess an extraordinary gift for listening.  I am stubborn. 

I am sharing to encourage you to LISTEN when He speaks, even when (especially when) it sounds crazy. Even if you have five million reasons to NOT do it.  Even if you sass the Lord and He sasses back at you. 

If I accomplish nothing else today, kids with wet feet were seen.  And I have a story about how God hears and speaks, even down to the detail of gender neutral socks.

Do the crazy thing.  Who cares what anyone thinks?

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