How to organize a freezer meal swap! {the easy way!}

A couple of months ago I acquired a free spare refrigerator and with that extra space decided that I could finally get a freezer swap going in my area! I had watched lots of friends all over the states do them for years so I was thrilled to get started myself!  Getting started was simple enough, anyone can do this.  You just need a few willing friends and a little bit of time.

Here is how I got started:

1) Put out some feelers on FB.  Just a simple "I want to start a freezer meal swap, who wants to join me?" should help you see if you have an interest in your circle.

2) Once you have a few people, make a FB group just for those ladies.  Easy to add new people to, share links and put the "rules" in a convenient place.  Basically you want a place where people can find info. 

3) Set a date for your first swap! Our first two swaps had random dates but we now do the first weekend of every month so we can plan a little better and the date won't be a surprise.

4)  Assign recipes to people or if they would like, allow them to use their favorites.  Pinterest is a great resource or a quick Google search will get you endless recipes to try.  For our group I have each lady make five of each recipe.  {a little tip, make six and keep one out for yourself!}.  I feel like five is a doable amount for most people to make without feeling intimidated.

5) Set a date to swap! I try to give about a week or so advance planning.

6) Choose a neutral location and swap! Each lady brings their five meals and takes a meal from five other ladies.  Sometimes you'll have quite a few ladies and sometimes not so many.  I've swapped with as few as four and gave the extra to families we knew needed a little extra help (because if you have less than five ladies, you'll have duplicate meals)(and if you have more than five ladies, you have lots of choices!).

7) Repeat, repeat, repeat.  Don't give up if the first one isn't super smooth.  Hang in there and work out the kinks.  It is SO nice to have a meal to just pull out of the freezer on those days that are crazy!

Have fun! I have found this has been a great way to try new foods that maybe I wouldn't have before!

It really doesn't take a ton of work or time but it has great benefits! I hope this info encourages you to try to organize a swap yourself! :)

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